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Fiduciary collection – with EOS your receivables are in good hands.

What is fiduciary collection?

In fiduciary collection you engage a debt collection specialist to recover your receivables without surrendering your beneficial ownership of said receivables. EOS approaches your defaulting clients as your trustee and recovers your debts in your name. Fiduciary collection is therefore distinct from the sale of receivables, where in your capacity as the seller you transfer ownership of the receivables to the buyer.

For more than 50 years, EOS has been acting in a fiduciary capacity to recover outstanding receivables for customers worldwide. Our customers come from both the B2B and B2C segments and appreciate the customized solutions that EOS offers for fiduciary collection. We provide you with support through the entire debt collection process before, during and after the judicial dunning procedure.
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Step by step to settlement – our end-to-end process.

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1. Transfer of receivables.

Once your claims have failed the standard standard reminding procedure, they are considered unprofitable. If you would still like to recover your money, you can hire EOS for the subsequent recovery procedure.
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2. The pre-litigation dunning process.

During the pre-litigation phase, our experts contact your defaulting clients. We establish contact through all possible channels of communication - telephone, mail, e-mail,... In exceptional cases, we carry out field recovery with the help of external experts, and your customers can also contact us in person at our office.
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3. The judicial dunning process.

Claims that could not be recovered in the pre-trial phase are transferred to the judicial recovery phase. We carry out the judicial reminder procedure ourselves to recover consumer debts.
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4. Post-litigation processing.

Immediately after the court order, we proceed with the proceedings, taking into account economic factors and the individual situation of the person involved.
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5. Monitoring of receivables.

If further procedures do not have the desired effect, we move to the final stage of recovery, debt follow-up. We stay in close contact with your defaulters and monitor their financial situation.

The benefits of fiduciary collection.

Optimized processes and reduction of days outstanding

Fewer write-offs of debts

More time for your core business

Ensuring payment receipt

Links Significant improvement in liquidity planning


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