EOS, interntational partner in receivables management published the annual report

EOS Insights.

Annual Report of the EOS Group 2017/18

  • Our Vision for EOS.

    EOS is becoming a technology-driven financial investor and international innovation leader: CEO Klaus Engberding on his vision for the Group.

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  • Digital perspectives.

    Why do you get up in the morning and go to work? At EOS the staff and the CEO are answering this question together.

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  • Building the future together.

    The EOS Group is different today than it was just one year ago. A far-reaching cultural change is making EOS quicker, more agile and more digital. The goal is clear: ‘For a debt-free world’.

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  • Machine learning is coming into its own.

    How does data-driven decision making work in receivables management? Pioneering work done at EOS shows the potential of machine learning.

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  • Shared data is better data.

    With its new Center of Analyics EOS now has a shared data platform for all its subsidiaries. The CoA analyzes data from all markets and accounts for their regional characteristics.

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  • Towards better decision-making.

    The predictive power of its analytics platform D3 enables EOS to contact each debtor in the most promising way - with convincing results.

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  • Our year in numbers.

    A 19.8 percent increase in turnover. 237.6 EURO million in earnings. And 7,441 employees with zero doubt about the future: EOS had a great business year 2017/18.

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  • NPL deals: new ground and familiar sights.

    EOS is expanding its position as a leading buyer of NPL: in 2017/18 the Group consolidated its position in Serbia and Spain and entered the Canadian market.

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  • Speeding things up for EOS' B2B clients.

    Business customers benefit from EOS' new self-service portal Stargate that helps speed up collection processes. New features are driven by user feedback.

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  • Innovation, every day.

    EOS is embracing digitisation: The company is innovating debt collection with its apps, customer platforms and AI systems.

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  • Debt collection across borders.

    EOS partner company Al Wadi is working in one of the most challenging markets for receivables management: The United Arab Emirates.

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  • Guardian of the holy grail.

    To meet rising data protection requirements, EOS' Chief Compliance Officer Kirsten Pedd is rolling out a global data privacy strategy.

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  • Speed beats strategy.

    Disrupt yourself: Google Germany's former CEO Christian Baudis on how companies can survive the challenges of digitisation.

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  • Dunning needs a human touch.

    You don't want to annoy a customer - even if he missed a payment. That's why Slowakian lender Home Credit hired EOS KSI to handle its arrears.

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  • The record breakers.

    United Bulgarian Bank just sold the largest debt portfolio ever in offer in Middle- and Eastern Europe. Few companies can handle such a deal - EOS Matrix is one of them.

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  • “We want a happy ending for defaulting payers.”

    Defaulting payers often react with skepticism and rejection when EOS reaches out to them – until they realize that the call center agents are actually here to help them.

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  • Know your strength.

    Belgium's leading bank BNP Paribas Fortis has handed its receivables management over to EOS Aremas - to better focus on their core business.

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Nujno potrebni

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