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  • Hamburg, August 11, 2021 – Despite all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hamburg-based EOS Group successfully concluded its 2020/21 financial year (ending on 28 February). With a slight decline in revenue of 7.1 percent to EUR 792.5 million, the financial investor and technology-driven debt collection service provider reported earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of EUR 312.4 million (previous year: EUR 343.4 million). Apart from the restrictions on collection activity due to statutory moratoriums in several countries, the financial year was marked by a decline in the volume of non-performing loans (NPLs) on offer on the receivables market. Nevertheless, EOS was once again able to invest a significant sum (EUR 534.3 million) in secured and unsecured receivables and real estate in need of restructuring.  “In view of the difficult conditions of the last year, the positive operating result was by no means a given,” says Klaus Engberding, CEO of the EOS Group. “We needed to continually assess the wider implications of the pandemic, make the right investment decisions and adjust our costs accordingly. I am therefore extremely proud of the fantastic achievement of our teams who faced up to these challenges and made this success possible through their dedicated collaboration.” 

    Social responsibility to become integral part of business model 

    The ongoing development of the organization and heavy investment in IT to improve business operations were the key drivers behind the sustained stability of EOS. The values-driven yet forward-looking approach of EOS, which is part of the Otto Group, also contributed to its success. With a new corporate responsibility (CR) strategy, the EOS Group aims to firmly embed four key actionable areas into its business model in future. In this context, the focus is on solution-driven and sustainable debt relief for defaulting consumers, proactive funding initiatives and (financial) education measures, climate-neutral operation by 2030, and the championing of strict and binding industry standards in all 26 countries where the company is located.  “As one of the leaders in our industry we are absolutely aware of our responsibility towards society. Through our actions, we do not just want to help the economic system to function by improving the financial situation of our clients and of defaulting payers; we also aim to use our new CR strategy to do our part to change the world we operate in for the better overall,” says Engberding. 

    Overview of key figures: 




    Sales revenue (in EUR million) 

    of which  

    Eastern Europe 
    Western Europe 
    North America 











    EBITDA (in EUR million) 



    Different figures may appear in tables due to rounding. 

    Germany remains the most important EOS market 

    With a turnover of EUR 289.1 million and a 36.5 percent share of consolidated revenue, Germany continues to be the region with the highest revenue within EOS Consolidated. At EUR 168.2 million, the investment level in receivables and real estate was stable. “Our success is primarily due to our operational excellence and understanding of our customers’ needs, which makes us a strong and reliable partner in the debt purchasing and fiduciary collection business,” says Andreas Kropp, member of the EOS Group's Board of Directors with responsibility for the German market. “Even in this challenging year, we continued to systematically pursue the digitalization of the company and in doing so have given a substantial boost to our future viability.”  As a longstanding member of the German Association of Debt Collection Companies (BDIU), EOS has continued its commitment to high ethical standards in the industry. In the last financial year it also established an in-house ‘hardship case community’, where specially trained personnel find solutions for cases of debt affecting people in permanently dire financial straits. Moreover, the company is committed to financial education for children and young people through its finlit foundation, whose ‘ManoMoneta’ initiative has already reached more than 100 schools. 

    Eastern Europe once again the highest earning region in the EOS Group 

    Despite a decline in revenue to EUR 249.7 million, Eastern Europe is still the highest earning region within EOS Consolidated. EOS has its own subsidiaries in 15 countries in Eastern Europe. A major driver for this result was the substantial year-on-year increase in results in Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland. In addition, EOS was able to increase investment in NPLs in the region in the last financial year by around three percent to EUR 195.3 million. The highest NPL investments were made in Croatia, Poland and Russia. “Thanks to our local expertise we made substantial investments in secured and unsecured NPLs again this year and are going to rigorously pursue this strategy again in the current financial year,” says Marwin Ramcke, member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors responsible for the Eastern European region. “We are also pushing ahead with the digitalization process and are successively rolling out our international collection software ‘Kollecto+’, which we developed in-house, in all Eastern European countries where EOS is represented. 


    In addition, an international HR department was established in Hungary. As well as strategic HR issues, it will also manage the Group’s cultural change process outside of Germany. 

    Stable business performance in Western Europe 

    The continued stable business performance in France, Belgium, Spain and Denmark enabled EOS to report a good result overall for Western Europe. At EUR 207.1 million, the region accounted for more than a quarter (26.1 percent) of the total revenue of EOS Consolidated. Moreover, the EOS companies in France and Belgium were able to reinforce their position as leading providers for debt purchases. In Spain too, EOS increasingly shifted its focus from fiduciary collection to receivables purchasing, and was able to build up a strong market position as a buyer of debt portfolios. Accordingly, EOS in Spain closed the year with record investments, e.g. in three NPL portfolios comprising a total 232,000 receivables and with a nominal value of EUR 810 million.  “Thanks to our longstanding experience, and despite the lower volume of NPLs on the market, we were once again a preferred partner for our customers,” explains Dr. Andreas Witzig, member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors with responsibility for Western Europe. “Our companies in the region are in a good position, so we are confident of being able to continue to expand our receivables purchasing activities in the new financial year.” 

    Higher sales revenues in North America 

    In North America, EOS was able to substantially increase its earnings from receivables purchases, despite a lower revenue overall of EUR 46.6 million. Solid investments in the USA were the key to this result. In Canada too, EOS was able to improve its result on a year-on-year basis in fiscal 2020/21 thanks to strict cost discipline. “The COVID-19 crisis hit the North American market hard, but we were in the position to offset the considerable loss of revenue on the earnings side through massive cost savings,” explains Dr. Andreas Witzig, member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors with responsibility for North America. 

    About EOS Group 

    The EOS Group is one of the leading technology-driven financial investors and an expert in the processing of outstanding receivables. The company's core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios. With over 45 years of experience, EOS offers some 20,000 customers in 26 countries around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its key target sectors are banking, insurance companies, utilities, real estate and e-commerce. EOS employs more than 6,800 people and is part of the Otto Group. 

    For more information on EOS Group, please go to: 

    EOS has stepped up its activities as a financial investor in recent years and has become established in many countries as a market leader for the purchase of debt packages. In fiscal 2020/21, the company invested EUR 534.3 million in unsecured and secured receivables and real estate in need of restructuring.

    About EOS Group

    The EOS Group is one of the leading technology-driven financial investor and an expert in the processing of outstanding receivables. The company's core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios. With over 45 years of experience, EOS offers some 20,000 customers in 26 countries around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its key target sectors are banking, insurance companies, utilities, real estate and e-commerce. EOS employs more than 7,500 people and is part of the Otto Group.

  • Financial investor EOS awarded A rating yet again

    Hamburg, August 3, 2021 – For the 17th time in a row, Scope Hamburg, formerly Euler Hermes Rating, has given EOS Holding an A rating. Thanks to the company’s high earnings and very stable cash flows, the rating agency once again confirmed the excellent credit standing of EOS. The rating rationale also emphasized the extensive experience of EOS, as a financial services provider and investor, in the valuation, acquisition and recovery of non-performing receivables, its leading market position in Germany and strong market position in Europe.

    EOS weathered the COVID-19 crisis solidly and was able to cement the trust of its business partners. Accordingly, Scope Hamburg rates the company’s financial risk as low and its capital structure, deleveraging potential and interest coverage ratio as good or very good. The rating agency also expects the company’s earnings to grow in the current 2021/22 financial year.

    Sustained investment at a high level

    “The last financial year was particularly challenging. We needed to assess the potential effects of the crisis in good time and make the right investment decisions. By successfully bringing down costs during this period, the decline in earnings stayed within acceptable limits and EOS made a clear profit, even in this crisis year,” explains Justus Hecking-Veltman, Chief Financial Officer of the EOS Group. “For our development going forward, two decisions were important: Firstly, we again invested heavily in receivables packages. And secondly, we systematically pursued the upgrade of our IT systems to enable us to manage the company even better and with the use of more digital tools in future.”

    Investments: CFO Justus Hecking-Veltman on the EOS Group’s outstanding results in financial year 2018/19
    Ponosen na to priznanje: Justus Hecking-Veltman je vesel ob ponovni pridobitvi ocene A za EOS

    EOS has stepped up its activities as a financial investor in recent years and has become established in many countries as a market leader for the purchase of debt packages. In fiscal 2020/21, the company invested EUR 534.3 million in unsecured and secured receivables and real estate in need of restructuring.

    About EOS Group

    The EOS Group is one of the leading technology-driven financial investor and an expert in the processing of outstanding receivables. The company's core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios. With over 45 years of experience, EOS offers some 20,000 customers in 26 countries around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its key target sectors are banking, insurance companies, utilities, real estate and e-commerce. EOS employs more than 7,500 people and is part of the Otto Group.

    • Great opportunity for companies: More than a third of consumers in favor of “compensation for data”
    • Majority willing to sell at least one item of personal information to a trustworthy company
    • Willingness to disclose data even exceeds demand in some cases

    Hamburg, October 6, 2020 – In today's digital environment, data like bank account number, date of birth, address, health details or purchasing preferences have become a key economic asset. This is why the handling of data and its value, and the reasons why companies are keen to make use of it, are increasingly a topic of public debate. This has also been validated by a recent representative survey entitled “What’s the value of data?” conducted in 17 countries by financial services provider and investor EOS. The survey revealed that more than 60 percent of consumers in Europe and the USA and as many as 70 percent in Russia believe that companies should compensate customers for the use of their data. More than a third of respondents, and in Russia as many as half, said they were willing to provide certain data in return for compensation.

    Trust and financial rewards the drivers for increased disclosure of data

    For people to be prepared to disclose personal data, it is crucial for them to trust a company or organization to handle their data responsibly and adhere to the relevant statutory regulations. The EOS survey showed that a clear majority of consumers would sell at least one item of personal data for money to a trustworthy company (Europe: 82 percent, USA: 75 percent, Russia: 90 percent). People are least concerned about disclosing purchasing decisions and preferences for products and brands, but consider account or credit card details, or insights into their bank account, to be especially worthy of protection. When asked about their specific compensation preferences, more than half of the respondents found material rewards and discounts particularly attractive, whereas in all regions there was less demand for services as compensation, with only around 20% in favor of this option.

    EOS data survey: What’s the value of data?

    Data analysis as the basis for modern receivables management

    A look at receivables management shows that it is worthwhile for companies to provide incentives to consumers to disclose their data. Because the better the data available about the purchaser of a product or service, the quicker they can be reached in the event of a payment default. And, the more empirical data from similar receivables cases is already available, the better the proposed installment plan will match the customer’s financial situation and the more likely the customer will comply with it as a result. This is why its Center of Analytics plays a key role at receivables management service provider EOS. With the help of machine learning algorithms, its central platform analyses thousands of debt collection cases to determine the best processing steps to be taken next.

    Willingness to disclose data even exceeds demand in some cases

    The EOS survey revealed that one in five consumers had already been offered compensation to disclose certain details. In Europe this was most common in Spain and Romania, where as many as one in four consumers had received such an offer. In some cases, however, the willingness of consumers to disclose data actually exceeds the number of offers of compensation by companies. “I think there are still significant opportunities and unexploited potential here,” stresses Joachim Göller.

    “Already, installment plans are produced on the basis of intelligent data analysis in a lot of the countries where EOS operates,” explains Joachim Göller, Head of the Center of Analytics. “It is in the interest of all parties to conclude a collection case as soon as possible to save costs on both sides. And this is where data can help. The sooner the contact is established and the better the chances of the payment agreement being met, the more likely it is for the creditor to get their money and the consumer to become debt-free. So it can absolutely be in the interests of the defaulting payer to disclose data.”

    Joachim Göller, Head of the Center of Analytics at EOS, sees great potential in data analysis.
    Joachim Göller, Head of the Center of Analytics
    EOS data survey: What’s the value of data?

    About the representative EOS survey “What's the value of data?” 2020

    The EOS survey, which was conducted in partnership with market research institute Kantar in the spring of 2020, is representative of the (online) population over the age of 18 in the 17 countries polled. A random sample of 1,000 respondents from each of the countries Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA, and 300 respondents from North Macedonia, was used for the analysis. The survey participants answered questions on their personal handling and disclosure of data, their trust in companies, and their willingness to sell data for compensation.

    Več informacij o anketi najdete tukaj.

    About EOS Group

    The EOS Group is one of the leading technology-driven financial investors and an expert in the processing of outstanding receivables. The company's core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios. With over 40 years of experience, EOS offers some 20,000 customers in 26 countries around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its key target sectors are banking, utilities, real estate and e-commerce. EOS employs more than 7,500 people and is part of the Otto Group.

    • Rast poslovnega izida zaradi izrazite rasti poslovanja v Vzhodni Evropi 

    • Visoke naložbe v zavarovane in nezavarovane terjatve 

    • Močen fokus k digitalizaciji 

    Hamburg, 15. julija 2020 – z doslednim izvajanjem strateške usmeritve kot ponudnik tehnoloških storitev za izterjavo dolgov in finančni vlagatelj je skupina EOS s sedežem v Hamburgu svoj promet v poslovnem letu 2019/20 znova povečala: s 4,8-odstotnim povečanjem prometa na 853,1 milijona EUR so bili rezultati preteklega leta znova razveseljujoči. Poslovni izid pred obrestmi, davki in amortizacijami (EBITDA) se je povečal na 343,4 milijona EUR. 

    Regionalne prednosti, fokus k digitalizaciji in visoke naložbe kot dejavniki uspeha 

    Rast poslovnega izida mednarodnega ponudnika finančnih storitev po meri, ki pripada skupini Otto Group, je mogoče pripisati predvsem znatnemu povečanju prometa v višini 31,3 odstotka v Vzhodni Evropi. Drugi ključni dejavniki uspeha so izraziti ukrepi k digitalizaciji in nadaljnji kulturni razvoj skupine EOS, v povezavi z konstantnimi visokimi naložbami v višini 651,3 milijona evrov v zavarovane in nezavarovane terjatve ter nepremičnine. 

    »S ponosom zrem na zadnje poslovno leto. Je najuspešnejše poslovno leto v zgodovini skupine EOS,« pravi Klaus Engberding, generalni direktor družbe. »Predvsem bi rad poudaril velik napredek, dosežen pri digitalizaciji z visokimi naložbami v izgradnjo naših osrednjih informacijskih sistemov v višini 25 milijonov EUR, in osredotočenost na naše procese, namenjene spremembam naše kulture. Uporaba umetne inteligence in napredne analize podatkov bodo pripomogle k inovacijam v naši panogi. Zlasti v negotovih časih, kot je pandemija koronavirusa, so zanesljivi procesi, visoko strokovno upravljanje terjatev in trajnostno financiranje, za podjetje pomembnejši kot kdaj koli prej. Vse to lahko ponudimo svojim strankam in tudi prihodnje leto pričakujemo uspešen razvoj poslovanja.« 

    Pregled pomembnih kazalnikov: 




    Prihodki (mio. €) 

    Od tega  

    Zahodna Evropa 
    Vzhodna Evropa 
    Severna Amerika 







    EBITDA (mio. €) 




    Iz računovodskih razlogov se lahko v preglednicah pojavijo razlike zaradi zaokroževanja. 

    Nadaljnje pomembne kazalnike najdete v našem spletnem poslovnem poročilu. 

    Nemčija ostaja najpomembnejši trg skupine EOS 

    Nemčija ostaja regija z največjimi prihodki v skupini EOS s 35,6-odsotnim deležem skupnega prometa. Zmanjšanje na 303,3 milijona evrov v primerjavi s preteklim letom je posledica prodaje EOS Health Honorarmanagement AG. Čeprav je bilo na zelo konkurenčnem nemškem trgu na voljo manjše število relevantnih paketov terjatev, je skupina EOS na podlagi svojih dolgoletnih izkušenj in dobrega ugleda pridobila odločilne obnovljive portfelje in lahko tako utrdila svoj vodilni položaj. S skupno 236,0 milijoni EUR je raven naložb presegla vrednost prejšnjega leta – zlasti na področju nezavarovanih terjatev. 

    »Uspeh v Nemčiji je predvsem posledica naše poslovne odličnosti in intenzivne prodaje, ki se osredotoča na stranke. Zaradi številnih pobud za digitalizacijo in svojega odličnega ugleda – tudi na področju varstva podatkov – smo zanesljiv in privlačen partner,« pravi Andreas Kropp, direktor skupine EOS in odgovorna oseba za Nemčijo. »V ta namen in za zagotovitev svoje prihodnosti osredotočeno vlagamo v svoja najpomembnejša področja: sodelavce in sodelavke, kulturo in tehnologijo.« 

    Občutna rast prometa v Vzhodni Evropi postavlja nove rekorde 

    Kar zadeva Vzhodno Evropo, je EOS dosegel rast promet s 63,6 milijona evrov na 266,7 milijona EUR, kar je pravi rekord v primerjavi s prejšnjim letom. Pomembno vlogo pri tem je igrala občutna rast prometa iz nakupov terjatev, zlasti v Rusiji in na Poljskem. Hkrati pa beležimo opazno povečanje prometa tudi na Hrvaškem, Madžarskem, v Srbiji in Bolgariji. Med pomembnimi gonilniki uspeha sta razvoj programske opreme za izterjavo »Kollecto +« in s tem večja učinkovitost pri obdelavi terjatev. Poleg tega je lahko EOS v preteklem poslovnem letu realiziral tudi pomembne posle na področju slabih posojil v Vzhodni Evropi. Največje naložbe v slaba posojila so bile izvedena na Poljskem, Hrvaškem, v Rusiji in na Madžarskem. Bolgarija je s 350 milijonov EUR obsegajočim portfeljem slabih posojil opravila tudi največji zavarovani odkup terjatev na bolgarskem trgu doslej. 

    »Naše bogato znanje o lokalnem okolju, korektna obravnava plačnikov s slabo plačilno disciplino ter partnersko in pogosto mednarodno sodelovanje z našimi strankami se izplačajo,« pojasnjuje Marwin Ramcke, direktor skupine EOS in odgovorna oseba za Vzhodno Evropo. »Tako smo lahko uvedli pomembne spodbude pri zavarovanih in nezavarovanih terjatvah ter si v skupini delili strokovno znanje in izkušnje. Poleg tega smo veliko sredstev investirali v zavarovane pakete terjatev v Sloveniji in Srbiji ter lahko zdaj optimalno obdelujemo zavarovane in nezavarovane terjatve v vseh državah Vzhodne Evrope,« pravi Ramcke. 

    Stabilen razvoj poslovanja v Zahodni Evropi 

    V Zahodni Evropi je zelo pozitiven razvoj poslovanja v Belgiji, Franciji in Avstriji povzročil skupno povečanje prometa za 5 odstotkov in s tem boljše rezultate kot preteklo leto. Regionalna podjetja skupine EOS so se tako znova uveljavila kot vodilni ponudniki za odkup terjatev. Kljub zahtevnemu tržnemu okolju je Francija izstopala in bistveno močneje vlagala v portfelje, zavarovane z nepremičninami, in v nezavarovane portfelje. Tudi Belgija in Španija sta lahko krepili naložbene dejavnosti. Tako na primer nominalna vrednost paketa, ki obsega 47.000 terjatev in jih je EOS Aremas v Belgiji odkupil od banke bpost bank, znaša 36 milijonov EUR. 

    »Skupina EOS je v Zahodni Evropi zelo dobro umeščena. Zahvaljujoč našemu strokovnemu znanju in dolgoletnim izkušnjam, zlasti v bančnem in telekomunikacijskem sektorju, smo za svoje stranke prednostni strateški partner,« komentira Dr. Andreas Witzig, član uprave skupine EOS ter odgovorna oseba za Zahodno Evropo in Severno Ameriko. »Veliko vlagamo v “big data” in analitiko ter pomagamo reševati težave s slabimi posojili. Kljub krizi zaradi koronavirusa, ki je še posebej prizadela Francijo in Španijo, ostajamo zanesljiv in prednostni strateški partner na področju izterjave ter odkupa terjatev,« potrjuje Witzig. 

    Rastoče naložbe v Severni Ameriki 

    S povečanim prometom za 2,6 milijona evrov je bila regija Severne Amerike s petimi odstotki nekoliko nad nivojem predhodnega leta. V ZDA se je izplačalo predvsem strateško osredotočanje na odkup terjatev, v katerega je skupina EOS skupno vložila 28,8 milijona evrov, kar je skoraj 4 milijone več kot prejšnje leto. V Kanadi je bil promet opazno nad poslovnim letom 2018/19 in tako občutno nad načrtovanim. Predvsem pa smo se lahko še močneje osredotočili na upravljanje terjatev.  

    »Severnoameriški trg za skupino EOS ni enostavno okolje, vendar se Kanada zelo dobro razvija,« je komentiral dr. Andreas Witzig, član uprave skupine EOS ter odgovorna oseba za Zahodno Evropo in Severno Ameriko. »Tam smo se v zadnjih letih razvili v enega od vodilnih podjetij na področju upravljanja terjatev ter občutno presegli pričakovanja glede prometa in dobička v letih 2019/20. Skupaj s svojo kanadsko ekipo smo zelo ponosni na to. V ZDA večje naložbe v nakupe terjatev nakazujejo pozitivne trende. S takim fokusom nameravamo nadaljevati tudi v tekočem poslovnem letu,« dodaja Witzig.  

     O skupini EOS 

    Skupina EOS je eden vodilnih tehnoloških finančnih vlagateljev in strokovnjak za obdelavo zapadlih terjatev. Glavno poslovno področje je odkup nezavarovanih in zavarovanih portfeljev terjatev. Z več kot 40 leti izkušenj in lokacijami v 26 državah ponuja EOS svojim 20.000 strankam po vsem svetu pametne storitve za upravljanje terjatev. Glavni ciljni sektorji so banke, distribucijska podjetja, nepremičninski sektor in e-poslovanje. EOS zaposluje več kot 7500 ljudi in je del skupine Otto Group. 

    Dodatne informacije o skupini EOS: 

  • Novi koronavirus  je dodobra pretresel svetovno gospodarstvo, obenem pa prižgal rdečo luč pri plačilih. V EOS KSI nas je zanimalo, kako je ta situacija vplivala na plačilne navade kupcev v Sloveniji.

    Rezultate raziskave in naš pogled na situacijo smo delili v posebni ediciji Časnika Finance - Davki, dolgovi, terjatve, z vami jih pa delimo tudi na spletni strani in si jih lahko prenesete.

  • We are convinced that the key for success, growth and good business results is innovation which is created by connected and creative people. Ideas of the future are often made in good company, relaxed atmosphere and in diffrent enviroment.

    That is why we organized an »EOS KSI Innovation day« for all our employees, which was held at the Tehnološki Park in Ljubljana on Friday, 31st of May 2019.

    We had many opportunities to connect, strengthen team spirit, share experiences and opinions. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method helped us find concrete business solutions and improvements.

    We ended the day with an interesting approach of »Rosvitha«, based on the mini hackaton method of work, in which each individual had the opportunity to show his vision for the future of the company. We were searching for interesting ways to pursue the vision of the company in a playful and innovative way.

  • We ran in EOS KSI

    On Friday, 24th of May 2019, our team participated in the business trio run in Bled. It is a traditional event that has been taking place on a idyllic location around Lake Bled for 12 years. Our co-workers were running and relaying rods for good purposes. The collected funds from the registration fee will go for the help of prematurely born children (EINT UKLC).

    The EOS KSI team had running trial that took place on 11th of May this year in Ljubljana. With the course where the three runners have to run together all the time and the goal is for the time of the last one to break the target line, we have strengthened the interconnection, solidarity and team spirit. In the end, the time taken by the weakest member is counted, so a better-prepared team member must help, encourage and motivate him.

  • Ljubljana, Slovenija. – Z EOS bodite pripravljeni na poslovne izzive danes in jutri
    V sredo, 15.3.2017 se je v Kavarni Slamič odviljal dogodek Izzivi poslovanja danes in jutri, s katerim smo v podjetju EOS KSI želeli dodati svoj kamenček v mozaiku naše skupne poslovne realnosti.
    Za udeležbo in svoj doprinos na dogodku se posebej zahvaljujemo obema sodelujočima predavateljema: Darku Dujiču (izvršni direktor podjetja in Sebastijanu Peterki (vodja projektov in raziskovalec iz Transparency International Slovenia), kakor tudi moderatorju Alešu Bržanu ter našim zvestim strankam.
    Samo skupaj lahko pripomoremo k boljšemu jutri in dosežemo še uspešnejše poslovanje v korist nas vseh. Ekipa EOS-a že zbira ideje in predloge za naslednji dogodek, zato obiščite našo stran in nas spremljajte tudi v prihodnje.
    V galeriji si lahko ogledate fotoreportažo z dogodka.
    Z lepimi pozdravi,
    Ekipa EOS

  • Ljubljana, Slovenija. – Želite biti dobro pripravljeni na poslovne izzive jutrišnjega dne?

    Želite biti dobro pripravljeni na poslovne izzive jutrišnjega dne? Ekipa EOS KSI vabi svoje poslovne partnerje na navdihujoč dogodek „Izzivi poslovanja danes in jutri“, ki bo v sredo, 15. marca 2017 ob 8. uri, v Kavarni Slamič na Kersnikovi 1 v Ljubljani.

    Digitalizacija poslovanja in stalno sledenje spremembam postajata ključna izziva za večino slovenskih podjetij, etičnost poslovanja in plačilne navade pa pomembni temi pri dolgoročni uspešnosti posla. Zato želimo v podjetju EOS KSI dodati svoj košček k sestavljanki naše skupne in uspešne prihodnosti. Vabimo vas, da se nam pri tem pridružite.

    Na dogodku bodo predavali Natalija Zupan, direktorica EOS KSI, Darko Dujič, direktor in Shopper's Mind ter Sebastjan Peterka, vodja projektov in raziskovalec pri Transparency International Slovenia.

    Z EOS bodite pripravljeni na poslovne izzive danes in jutri!


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