Financial school

People take loans with good purpose. However, a sudden change of circumstances can lead to unpleasant situation of someone not being able to pay their debts. At EOS, we show people in a realistic, friendly, and honest way how to deal with a heavy burden.

Insufficient financial literacy is one of the main reasons for over-indebtedness, especially among young people. That is why we decided to actively pursue our mission "For a debt-free world" and begin to participate in financial literacy. For this reason, we became partners in a special project of My Finance - "Financial School".

At the Financial School, participants can learn the basics of personal finance. It offers financial literacy for those who are solving first problems on their own path, and for anyone looking to better manage their assets.

Finance plays an important role in our lives, and how we treat them decisively influences our lifestyle. No matter how much money or assets we have, consistent management can ensure us financial security. (Natalija Zupan, managing director of EOS KSI d.o.o.)